Curvy Crochet Volume One

I’ve had some serious curves and crochet skills my entire adult life.  Only recently did I find a way to utilize these two things in a way that has forever changed the vision of my work.

When I began designing garments, I automatically started creating pieces for my smaller friends.  Dressing thin people in gorgeous clothing seemed like the best way to use my design ability.  Even as a plus size woman, it never occured to me that the plus size audience was being so underserved in the crochet realm.

This past winter I was approached by a friend in the industry to contribute to a project featuring crochet designs for plus size women.  I was immediately drawn to the idea and started brainstorming design concepts.  I began to explore what options existed for the plus size crocheter…and I was underwhelmed.  The few options available seemed dated, boring, and were very rarely even modeled on an actual full figured body.

It has become obvious that this is the path I’m meant to be on.  I feel so fulfilled! It’s an amazing feeling to nourish my creativity while giving plus size women crochet patterns they can fall in love with.

The enthusiastic compliments about my small collection have been pouring in and I’m thrilled to continue producing quality crochet designs for this very special population of women.  So I ask you, dear crocheter, what plus size crochet garment would you like to see next?


Daisy_Mae_Top__1__mediumMarsala_Top__7__mediumShell Skirt (1)Spring_Wedding_Dress___1__medium


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