Curvy Crochet Volume Two

Vol 2

I am beyond thrilled to introduce the second Curvy Crochet pattern collection.  I could not be any more proud of how it turned out.  It’s what every plus size crocheter is looking for…a collection of designs that fit and flatter, are fun to make, and elevate and complement personal style.

My three designs include the Lyra Vest, the Freja Tank, and the Coraline Top.  My goal was to contribute designs that will naturally work themselves into a woman’s established wardrobe.  The Lyra Vest is a perfect solution for covering shoulders, the Freja Tank is lightweight and makes a lovely layering piece, and the Coraline Top is ideal for transitioning from summer to fall.

As the Director of Curvy Crochet it has been my pleasure to work with other designers to help shape their visions into gorgeous patterns ready for our plus size audience.  Pam Dajcazk of Sincerely Pam contributed her Samantha Shell and Samantha Tank designs to Volume Two.  Now at the time when this installment was under construction, Pam was super pregant and unable to make samples as she was due with her sweet baby at any moment.  Our Design Wars friend, Cara, and I stepped up to stitch her samples in curvy sizes…I just couldn’t keep these patterns hidden any longer!  I stitched up the Samantha Shell in a black cotton linen blend that provided the right amount of structure and drape for the mesh details.  As I worked up somebody else’s pattern it brought back memories of my crochet hobby before I started designing.  It was such a treat to simply follow along with another designer’s work and let the stitches fly by.

Danyel Pink of Danyel Pink Designs reworked her Pacific Pullover to suit Curvy Crochet’s needs.  One of my favorite parts of the behind-the-scenes design work is picking out the yarn and colors.  During early discussions of Danyel’s top I knew I wanted a yarn that was cool to the touch, had great drape, and a touch of luxury.  Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima cotton yarn was the answer.  At the time we ordered the yarn, there were outages of every color Danyel and I picked, so at Cascade’s suggestion we used their shade “Syrah”…I don’t think they could have selected a more beautiful color!

Responsible to showcase such beautiful designs, I brushed up on some photography skills and selected a local place that I used to relax at during my college days…the Curtis Arboretum.  The location is such a whimsical and romantic destination. The historic old ballroom of an estate is situated on over 40 acres of land expertly landscaped and featuring over 50 types of trees.  The mixture of green hills, luscious foliage, and historic stonework make for an interesting and rich backdrop for our photoshoots.

And of course, the process wouldn’t be complete without the cherry on top of the sundae…a gorgeous and curvacious model!  My cousin, Pauline, fit the bill.  She is STUNNING, has some sensational curves in, and is a natural in front of the camera.  It’s beyond fun to play make-up artist, hair dresser, and stylist with such an amazing person.  Working with Curvy Crochet is shaping up to be a perfect fit for me. 🙂

IMG_9433_medium2 IMG_9674_medium2 IMG_9573_medium2 IMG_0432 IMG_0293 IMG_9784_medium2


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